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Healthcare & Beauty Arts

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Dept. of Nursing

This department aims to impart and improve upon students'observation skills as well as encouraging trainees to become more sensitive to patient needs. This department focuses on preparing students to pass the required certificate tests for nurses so that they are ready to obtain employment as a nurse.

Dept. of Emergency Medical Technology

As a Paramedic Student, you will be taught to assess, treat and stabilise patients at the scene of emergencies and to continue medical treatment en-route during transport to hospital. Paramedics have the ability to apply many life saving skills and administer drugs to assist in a wide variety of illnesses and accidental injuries.

Dept. of Medical Cosmetology

This faculty encompasses systematic and scientific curricula of beauty courses, including general courses on human physiology. It has specialist areas concentrating on the skin, hair and nails and aims to take artistic skills in the industry, to a new dimension

Dept. of Dental Hygiene

A career as a dental hygienist offers a wide range of challenges. In the dental office, the dentist and the dental hygienist work together to meet the oral health needs of patients. Some of the services provided by dental hygienists may include.

Faculty of Hotel Culinary Arts Patissier & Nutrition

As interest in healthy living and the importance of overall national health improvement increases, knowing more about foods and their nutritional value has become essential. This faculty aims to produce professionals with the knowledge to develop and manage the foods that help the prevention and cure of diseases

Faculty of Beauty Arts

This department readies professionals to be leaders in the specialties of hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures & pedicures, and electrology. Students are encouraged to learn about a variety of esthetic approaches which are in demand in the marketplace as well as safety concerns with the various chemical treatments involved and the other occupational hazards commonly faced in this industry.

Dept. of Food & Drug Analysis

This department teaches the technology of analysis of pharmaceutical and food products, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. In the process of the regulation, validation, and the quality control essential to the safety and success of these products in the real world, many qualified personnel are required and our department provides expert training in these areas. Specifically, we train individuals to become experts in pharmaceutical safety, food safety, and the safety of imported goods.

Dept. of Public Health administration

This department produces medical record management personnel and administration staff for hospitals and medical institutes. It involves professional training including the collection and analysis of information regarding medical data and policies.