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Foreign Exchanges

Chung Cheong University is
carrying out a variety of
international exchange projects
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Since being founded in 1983, Chung Cheong University has excelled in producing disciplined experts in a wide variety of professional fields.

With its focus on professionalism, human values and lifelong learning- adopted for survival in the 21st century during this age of unlimited competition and information- it manages a learner-centered educational system.

This university has also realized the importance of international relations and has established cooperative relationships with a wide range of tertiary level institutions in countries such as Belarus, Cambodia, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Croatia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Spain, and USA.

School Philosophy

Educating the youth in the principles of faithfulness, cooperation and creativity refining them to become intellectual leaders of our society.

Educational Goal

Producing professionals with the right attitude, morality and ability to contribute to the world using expert knowledge and skill.

Overview (as of March, 2018)

  • Campus: 173,345 m2
  • Courses: 4 faculties, 6 majors and 23departments
  • Students: 4,390
  • Alumni: 59,601
  • Faculty staff: 168
  • Staff: 80

Contact Info

  • Office for International Affairs
    38 Wolgok-Gil Gangnae-Myun, Heungdeok-Gu, Cheongju-Si,
    Chungbuk, South Korea 28171
  • Tel: +82-43-230-2731, 2733, 2734
  • Fax: +82-43-230-2289
  • E-mail: abroad@ok.ac.kr