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Faculty of Architechure and Interior Design :Major of Architecture

The students of this department learn to create environments with positive impacts on human health, environmental quality, social relationships and urban systems. They study sustainable systems using advanced digital design tools. They undertake architectural design projects in practical studio settings as well.

Faculty of Architechure and Interior Design : Major of Interior Design

The interior design course will give you the confidence and skill you need to really make a difference in this booming discipline. A successful interior designer needs to understand the technical requirements of a project, as well as have good interpersonal communication skills and management strategies. This major will teach you an appreciation of design, lighting and colour, and provide you with technical skills to create unique spaces.

Faculty of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

This department is leading the innovation of techniques in local industry through field experience in industry-academic cooperation and venture club (students) activities. We supply professionals in the fields of electricity, electronics and the semiconductor industry with training in IT related semiconductor equipment and electricity.

Faculty of Aviation, Automobile & Mechanical Engineering

This faculty trains students using the latest versions of CAD/CAM/CAE, aircraft, automobiles and 3-dimensional design and simulation equipment to produce top level technicians.

Faculty of Military Science

The military science department produces the knowledeable experts trained in state of the art methods required for the development of a safe and secure society. There is also a focus on fostering a patriotic viewpoint and a natural butressing against the threat posed by North Korea. An officer is trained to lead on the world stage. They are relied upon for their guidance and decision making in some of the most complex and exciting working environments. Students will learn the skills to motivate, inspire, and command a team of fellow soldiers necessary for South Korea.
The other major focusses on military information and communication. Here students develop the technical skills necessary to automate, transmit, and receive voice and data information to keep soldiers on the field informed and ready to respond. In this major, students will learn about operating and maintaining tactical and strategic transmission and switching equipment, network control facilities, sincle and multi-channel high frequency radio systems, and maintenance of tactical and defense satellite communication systems.

Major of Computer Information & Major of Electronic Communication

'The Smart digital World' is a goal of this major course. They focused on students' parctical skills and certificate education courses.

Dept. of Biological and Chemical Engineering

Biochemistry is considered a futuristic field of study with indefinite applicability in the high tech industries of today. The goal of teaching is to encourage the students to practice their comprehensive use of knowledge and skills in the cosmetic engineering, pharmaceutical, environmental and energy related industries.

Dept. of Fire Protection and Safety

Fire-fighters should be armed with knowledge about computerized fire safety science if they are to provide effective fire management of giant modern skyscrapers equipped with artificial intelligence control systems. Our curriculum covers the point mentioned above as well as the basic theories and practices related to fire protection and safety, guaranteeing maximum compatibility of our graduates.

Dept. of Urban and Civil Engineering

Construction engineers participate in planning, surveying, designing and the construction of infrastructure related to civil engineering. Teaching relevant techniques, basic theories and lab studies for the construction and maintenance of various public(civil) facilities.

Dept. of Health 3D Information

3D printing technology is importantkey point of 4th indusrtial revolutio period. The goal is to nurture next-generation 3D printing engineers.

Dept. of Quality Management

Acquiring practical skills of quality management and business administration in the production and service industries, graduates go on to work as innovating managers in these industries. The curriculum also includes the preparatory courses for the National Certificate of Quality Management

Dept. of Aviation Security

This unique department is solely responsible for producing security personnel for all the Korean airports and ports. It is the only specialized institute for training professional airport and port security staff in South Korea. The students are provided with opportunities to partake in study tours and special lectures at Incheon International Airport and Cheongju International Airport.