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Foreign Exchanges

Chung Cheong University is
carrying out a variety of
international exchange projects
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Humanities & Social Sciences

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Dept. of Police Administration

This department offers training courses required for public administrators and police officers to meet the needs of the 21st century at the local government frontline community level. The courses available include human resource management, finance, strategic planning and the latest management techniques required in modern and complex organizations.

Dept. of Early Childhood Education

Students of this department are trained as qualified teachers of young children; with emphasis on care, protection and the developmental needs of the child.(Allowing for the development of the child's natural disposition yet maintaining social awareness) Most graduates go on to work in kindergartens, preschools and child care centers.

Dept. of Business Accounting

This faculty focuses on the understanding of business administration, accounting principles and vocational skills. We produce top class professionals through the application of an educational program that maximizes the knowledge and capabilities of the students to be readily utilized in the work place.

Dept. of Airline & Tourism

As the world of tourism grows, air travel has become the most popular mode of travel. This trend requires the most professional and qualified in-flight crew. How the passengers are taken care of can have a direct impact on the aviation business. The courses aim to produce competent, savvy, team playing, and attentive crew members who can also deal professionally with emergencies.

Faculty of Aviation, Hotel and Tourism : Major of Hotel Barista

The Hotel Barista is trained in the hotelier and coffee barista fields. In this department students are trained in practical methods and also in arts of hospitality. They will be prepared to take a core role in the tourism industry. The lectures mostly deal with mastery of practical processes integral to this major.

Faculty of Aviation, Hotel and Tourism : Major of Japanese Interpretation

This department specializes in producing graduates with a high level Japanese proficiency and workable ability regarding oral interpretation and written translation. It also teaches the skills of communication that will initiate interests and exchanges in literature, economy and politics.

Faculty of Social Welfare

This faculty trains professionals of lifelong education with the purpose of educating people from the cradle to the grave. The main focus is on preparation for the qualification of lifelong educator.